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Mike Versus the Mountain

6 Mar

“Was I deceiv’d, or did a sable cloud turn forth her silver lining on the night?” – Milton

It is always sunny in Mike Friedman’s world – even on a cloudy day.

My relationship with him has come full circle. Mike’s extended interview with Kalypso was a three-day ski trip in Beaver Creek. And now, five years later, we set out to conquer the Canadian Rockies on an epic heli-ski trip. Mike is an intrepid skier, but it turns out that his hamstring is no match for waist-deep powder and tree-filled 75-degree slopes. He spent the final few days in the lodge curled up with his email inbox and good(?) Canadian wine. If you expect that after three years of planning this would cause him to show some disappointment, then you do not know Mike. If “silver lining” is a metaphor for optimism and positivism, the lining of Mike’s clouds must be made of gold.

I am proud to call Mike my partner. He is the keeper of the Kalypso flame and sets the bar for what it means to be a partner. We have the great privilege of working with our closest friends every day and building lifelong relationships with our colleagues. Mike’s ski injury just means that we have to go back and do it again next year. I intend to introduce him to Vitamin I.

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Timmy Turns 60

4 Mar

This was a big weekend for milestone birthdays.

Friday night we celebrated Geoff Comstock’s fiftieth with a rockin’ house party. Having attended his twenty-first birthday party some years ago I should be in a good position to compare and contrast the events. Unfortunately, what few memories I once possessed of that night have long since been erased. Richele and I enjoyed catching up with old friends while listening to The Grateful Not-to-be-Dead.

Saturday brought an even bigger number – 60. Dr. Tim Goles celebrated the milestone in fine style. He is feeling good about his age since he is now more likely to be released first in a hostage situation. We lavished him with fine gifts including a crown, a cane and an Ensure double chocolate martini kit that included a fiber kicker. The party started early so that everyone could get home in time to watch the Matlock marathon on basic cable.

Little Cheyenne has been a hapless victim to Tim’s “you’ve got a spot” trick too many times to count. She wrote him a poem to mark the occasion:

Sixty for Mr. Goles

Stain? Where? What could it be?

Maybe Mr. Goles is tricking me!

That’s it! He has done it once more.

Couldn’t anyone have warned me about this trick I deplore?

He never fails just for a laugh,

So Mr. Goles, on my behalf–

Thank you for the constant fooling over the years, for if I should look witless, I wish it to be by your ever so clever hand.

Here is to the sixty times you have fooled me and to many more.

Richele joined the creative fray and wrote a complete Haiku series as her gift to Dr. Goles. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Tim Goles is sixty

He’s having a big party

With all his “good” friends”

Tim Goles turns sixty

Who would have ever guessed that?

Billy Poston would

Birthdays might just be a convenient excuse for a party, but parties are great for bringing people together. We are blessed with such great friends – old and new – that make life very special. Happy Birthday to Geoff and Tim. They are two of the best.

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