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Evolving with PLM

8 May

The enterprise product lifecycle management (PLM) software market is entering its third decade of life. The vision of the leading PLM solution providers has evolved dramatically since the early 90s, while the capabilities of the software platforms have continued to expand and improve. The early sales pitches and solutions were almost entirely centered on engineering workgroups and document management. Over the last ten years, the PLM software industry has gone through a consolidation phase and has seen significant R&D investment in PLM platforms. Today, companies have the opportunity to take advantage of mature, integrated enterprise solutions with modern user interfaces. The value proposition is now truly cross-functional and PLM has emerged as a respected enterprise software domain that is a source of competitive advantage for companies that harness its power.

These platforms support the end-to-end innovation cycle from the definition of requirements through after-sales service and support. The systems facilitate industry best practice process optimization and workflow configurations that can be implemented “out of the box.” Solutions have also improved bottom to top with more seamless integration to heterogeneous CAD environments up through innovation portfolio management and performance analytics that connect the engineer’s desktop to the executive suite. In essence, we have gone from a stripped-down utilitarian commuter vehicle to a high-powered Italian sports car.

In addition to the core functionality of managing bills of material and engineering change, today’s PLM solutions are easier to use and have developing capabilities that enable innovation by addressing:

  • Requirements management and traceability across hardware and software development
  • New product development stage-gate process, program, resource and portfolio management
  • Product and component cost management, often with supplier management functionality
  • Systems engineering and the integration of mechanical, electrical and software development
  • Manufacturing process design including simulation and validation linked to product engineering
  • Connection with internal and external supply chain and enterprise resource planning systems
  • Social collaboration and community tools for global information sharing and problem solving
  • Comprehensive product quality management including CAPA and statistical analysis tools
  • Environmental and regulatory compliance based on product content and sources of supply
  • Integration of product packaging, labeling and artwork with underlying product information
  • Management of technical publications and information for after-market service functions
  • Product and process performance dashboards and analysis tools for continuous improvement

In some cases, these new capabilities were built into the core Product Data Management (PDM) product and are available to existing customers with no additional licensing fees. However, all of this new functionality has made implementations more cross-functional, and therefore more complicated. This makes a comprehensive PLM strategy and plan for your enterprise more important than ever.

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Sweet Sixteen

1 May

Our little angel, Cheyenne Leialoha Poston, turns sixteen today.

I may be standing too close for a sharp-focused portrait of her. As a father, I see brains and beauty even though I am often the target of her quick wit. Her defining characteristics are seriousness and commitment. She will not let me tell you where she ranks in her high school class of 340, but if it was a horse race she would be running “in the money.” Wearing the medals she recently won at an academic competition would give a weaker person a sore back. For her birthday she asked for an SAT prep class and a calculator.

As a baby, Cheyenne used to curl up on my chest and cuddle for hours. Little did we know that her ability to sleep would one day become legendary. As “the” girl of the house, she balances competitive swimming, classical piano and all-star academics while protesting their impact on her twelve-hour-per-day sleep requirement. She is also famous for her shark-like sense of smell. This means that our “lab” experiment, Tyson, gets very little love despite his obvious affection for her.

And you should all be forewarned that Cheyenne does not share food.

Inside this gorgeous young lady is the adventurous spirit of an explorer. She has hiked the Inca Trail, sailed the Aegean, toured ancient Korean cities, climbed Mayan pyramids, SCUBA’d with sharks, kayaked Costa Rica, rung in the New Year in Times Square, skied every mountain west of the Mississippi, surfed the islands, caught mahimahi on Maui, and “ruined” the Acropolis for the rest of the family. If the world is a book, Cheyenne is intent on reading (and re-reading) all of the chapters.

Happy Birthday darling. Drive safe and have a wonderful day.

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