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Dewey’s Last Ride

13 Apr

I am saddened to report that Dewey passed away yesterday after a brief bout with canine cancer. In Dewey’s twelve years as Thatch Caye’s island dog and ostensible mascot, he played the role of protector and friend. He was also our best guest relations manager.

Hundreds of visitors have come to know and love Dewey over the years. He introduced himself by barking loudly at every arriving boat and wished guests a fond farewell in the same way. Dewey was one of a kind. He often made his presence known at mealtime and, judging by his weight, was successful in getting a little extra food from time to time. For the many of you in possession of a “Chilln’ with Dewey” T-shirt, you now own a real collector’s item. Wear it proudly.

Dewey was rescued as a pup from an uninhabited island in the Tobacco Range and made Thatch Caye his domain. To our knowledge, he only left it twice, both during hurricane evacuations. In a sense the island was more his than it is ours. It was his one true home.

We have known many dogs. Dewey was a good one. He possessed a set of virtues that we should all hope to emulate – loyalty, bravery, and friendliness. He was a good-looking dog that worked hard, but also knew how to relax and have a good time. Thatch Caye will never be the same without him. He will be missed.

So, join us in celebrating a dog’s life well lived. We may grieve, but our sorrow will cement our recollections of Dewey in our memories forever. Make yourself your favorite tropical cocktail and raise a glass to a good dog. Adios, Dewey!

Hanging out with Marshall and Dewey in May 2016

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