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Second Impression

12 Feb

I have always wanted my own IMDb entry.

So when one of my grad school buddies told me he was making a feature length movie in Austin, I raised my hand to volunteer. Since I can’t act, I was thrilled when he offered me the position of executive producer. That sounded like an impressive title, but I soon came to learn that the role consisted of only one real responsibility – writing a check.

That was how I bought my way onto the set today to watch movie making magic. The plot of Second Impression may sound familiar, but this is a uniquely Austin product. You can read all about it on the movie’s Facebook page. Like the page and you might get invited to Sundance or Cannes or the Alamo Draft House premier.

I learned three things about movies today. The first is that the director refers to actors by their character’s names whenever they are on the set. That is, unless your character doesn’t have a name and then you’re just, “you there in the blue shirt.” (That is Mr. Executive Producer to you. Thank you very much.) The second thing I learned is that while actors and actresses are generally pretty people, that doesn’t necessarily hold true for the people that write, film, hold the microphone, or snap that little slate board clapper thingy. I also learned that you can round up extras off Guadalupe in about ten minutes just by offering a chance at stardom…and free beer.

I once had a dream where an Oscar recipient thanked me from the stage in prime time. After today, I am thinking that dream might soon come true. If they can remember my name.

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